DR. tim maggs — Structural management

Structural Management:

A proactive program developed by Dr. Tim Maggs that predicts, prevents, diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal injuries with advance technology.

Everyone’s body structure has biomechanical faults starting at the feet creating a domino like effect to the top of the neck. Back, joint pain and disc injuries are examples of pain experienced due to biomechanical faults.

The epidemic in musculoskeletal injuries are mostly due to the fact that conventional medicine is reactive vs. proactive and never addresses bio mechanics ...until now. 

Dr. Maggs has developed a 3 part Structural Fingerprint Exam that includes a physical exam, a digital laser scan of the feet and four standing x-rays of the neck and lower back. 

This exam provides a detailed understanding of a person's biomechanics. This allows for the doctor to begin to identify faults, then prescribe remedies.  Custom orthotics, heal lifts, chiropractic care, physical therapy, muscle management, nutritional supplements and rehabilitation are examples of treatment.

  • Being mentally and physically prepared to perform at your highest level in all circumstances 
  • Understanding the benefits of a positive attitude, respect for others, preparation, self esteem and work ethic
  • Setting realistic goals - applying yourself to reach those goals
  • Holding yourself accountable while maintaining your own 'Gold Standard'

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